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Actos is the brand name of the chemical pioglitazone; it is used for treatment in patients suffering from type II diabetes. 

Actos was approved for use by the FDA in July, 1999. It is manufactured and sold by Eli Lily and Takeda Pharmaceuticals with sales of $3.4 billion dollars last year.

Actos is the leading type 2 diabetes treatment in the world and this drug is widely used in the United States, with more than 2 million people that have taken it in 2010. 

The FDA issued a warning to patients after Actos information and research showed a possible link between the drug and bladder cancer.

Some experts believe that the negligence of this drug maker in failing to properly warn of the serious health risks associated with Actos may have affected tens of thousands of patients.

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos, an attorney can explain your legal options and rights to compensation. Contact us today for more Actos information.

The FDA is advising doctors to use caution when prescribing Actos to patients that have had bladder cancer and not to use this drug in patients that have bladder cancer.

The Food and Drug Administration has also said that "the benefits of blood sugar control with pioglitazone should be weighed against the unknown risks for cancer recurrence"

After a French study that suggested taking Actos led to an increased risk of bladder cancer, drug regulators in France and Germany have ordered doctors to stop prescribing the drug.

An interim review by the FDA in an ongoing 10 year study in the U.S, patients that have been taking the drug for over a year may have a heightened risk of developing bladder cancer.

With all of the recent Actos information that has become available, those taking the drug should speak with their doctor.

Bladder cancer is a very serious disease that forms in the tissues of the bladder and attacks the lining of the bladder. Nearly 70,000 people in the U.S. are affected by bladder cancer per year.  If it is discovered early it can be highly treatable, however, if left untreated bladder cancer can be fatal.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos you have a legal right to seek compensation.

A federal court has been established for the hundreds of patients who have already filed a lawsuit.

Attorneys with the Actos Litigation Group have helped thousands of families injured by defective drugs and are among the few who are actually fighting Actos cases. 

Make sure you only trust an attorney who is qualified to handle this type of case, has experience fighting large drug companies and has the resources and experience to pursue your case as long as necessary to recover your loss.

Contact us today for more Actos information on  the side effects, health risks and litigation relating to the drug. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide help.



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